Skin Consults

Dr Nina Madnani has been in practice in Clinical Dermatology for over 30 years, and in Aesthetic Dermatology for the last 20 years. She is now the Department Coordinator, Dermatology, P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and M.R.C., a tertiary care hospital in Mumbai. She is a Visiting Consultant at the Sir HN Relince Foundation Hospital too. Patients come here for the final expert opinion.

Her expertise consists in correctly diagnosing the disease, and tailoring treatment to each patient.

She is an expert at managing Vulvar Disease (problems on the female genitals), and is the only Fellow of The International Society for Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (FISSVD). She has set up a Vulvar Clinic at Hinduja Hospital, the first in India, and at her private clinic. A lot of women suffering from chronic itching, boils, etc on their genitals have been successfully treated. You need to visit her as the first and last word on vulvar disease in India. Dr Madnani has been recently appointed on the executive Committee of the International Society for the Study of Vulvo-vaginal disease (ISSVD)

Her expertise lies in managing acne, baldness and other alopecias in both men and women. Complex cases of Atopic dermatitis, vitiligo/leukoderma, psoriasis and other skin diseases are successfully managed. Her special passion is treating cases of Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS).

Dr Madnani consults for patients of all ages and both sexes.

Appointments can be obtained by calling/messaging 9821499088 OR through Practo.