PRP/ Dracula Therapy


This therapy has become very popular in rejuvenating the skin, as no foreign material is required. Here one’s own blood is used, hence often patients call it “Dracula Therapy” in jest.

Autologus Stem cells are increasingly being used for rejuvenation. Among various sources for stem cells, one component of blood (platelet) is the easiest to obtain.

The procedure involves withdrawing 10 – 15 ml of venous blood which is then processed. The platelet rich plasma (PRP) obtained after processing is then injected back in the desired location (skin or scalp) with a very tiny needle at various points. Upon injection, growth factors are released which promote new collagen formation, accelerate natural healing process and when injected onto the scalp improve hair growth. The results are not immediate and multiple sessions are required. Typically, 3 sessions are recommended at monthly interval for results which last upto a year.

The advantages of the procedure include :
• Safe
• Very low chance of allergic reaction
(one’s own blood used)
• Low downtime

At the clinic, we use “myCells” platelet preparation system. It has certification from FDA, ISO 13485 and CE 1023. It delivers 90% PRP yield with a larger volume.