Hair & Nail Consults

Dr Nina Madnani has been involved in exhaustive research regarding treatment options available for hair and scalp problems. She has successfully treated several hundred patients suffering from hair loss/alopecias, alopecia areata, graying of hair and several other hair-related problems. Her expertise lies in managing baldness and other alopecias in both men and women and she has treated a vast number of complex cases that have been referred specially to her from many centres in India for her final opinion.
A methodical assessment is done with trichograms, cultures, biopsies etc, to analyze the problem.
Dr Madnani has contributed various articles to magazines.

Nails are often involved in various diseases. The outcome is usually a slow growing discoloured, or deformed nail. Proper treatment depends on evaluation of the disease process. A lot of people develop pincer nails or in-grown toenails. At our clinic, we do procedures to guide the toe nail to grow straight.

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